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Just a couple of notes from some of our clients.

I am  grateful for Binghui's truly holistic process of acupuncture - there is  no area of life that does not factor into her treatment. Her approach is based on working together as a  team to heal and the results are extraordinary. For anyone even  considering the potential benefits of acupuncture, I highly recommend  Binghui. She is sensitive, kind, delightful, extremely knowledgeable and  highly professional.



Ms. Guan-Elkin’s treatment of my condition using acupuncture has greatly minimized the pain I had been experiencing for over 2.5 years, as a direct result of shingles, which ultimately brought about the Post Herpetic Neuralgia (PHN) condition. Her treatments have enabled me to manage the pain and sleep through the night. My whole demeanor, both emotionally and psychologically, has also improved. I can honestly say that acupuncture has allowed me to resume basic daily activities which most of us take for granted.

Prior to my first visit with Ms. Guan-Elkin, I had spent 2.5 years in excruciating pain due to the PHN. The pain was concentrated on the right side of my body but most pronounced in my forearm and my head and scalp. Several times a day, every day of the week, I would experience nerve shocks and sharp stabbing pain to the right side of my head. The itching on my scalp was so intense that I would scratch till I bled. More often- than-not even gently touching my hair was painful.

During this time I saw several different doctors including neurologists.  They all prescribed medicines that ranges from topical solutions to medicines used to treat depression and epileptic seizures to patches, vioxx and Bextra to help me combat the pain, but to no avail. Even after increasing the dosage over time, nothing worked.  In fact the combination of some of these medications would put me in such a zombie like state that I could not perform the simplest of functions in my daily living.

Moreover, I believe that both my emotional and psychological state of being was altered from taking such medications. I became depressed, I suffered from sleep deprivation, my behavior became erratic and I would go into rages at the slightest provocation.  So much so that I found myself shutting off from those around me.  Each day during this period I felt a great loss of energy and became more and more frustrated and angry because I had no control over the condition, and the medical community was not helping me.

Given my husband’s frustration with the fact the he was also helpless, he began exploring other alternatives as a last hope.  He convinced me to join a medical research network that was in the process of testing a new drug to treat PHN.  I participated in the blind research and was fortunate enough to receive the medicine instead of a placebo.  The medicine helped me tremendously during the five-week program.  However, because the drug company must wait to secure FDA approval, I was not able to continue with the medication.

For the next three months I reverted back to the suffering of PHN. My husband, once again found another form of alternative medicine namely – acupuncture. He made an appointment for me to see Ms. Guan-Elkin. I strongly resisted him because of my fear of needles and my disillusion with doctors. On the day of the appointment I was having one of the worst bouts of PHN and didn’t want to deal with anyone, and had asked him to cancel.  Somehow he convinced me to go and I did.

I thank my husband for his patience, perseverance and persistence and Ms. Guan-Elkin for enabling me to live a more normal life again. Words cannot express how much I have come to appreciate them for helping me. Thank you.

E.R. Lutwin


Hi Jim,

I just wanted to thank you and your wife (whose name escapes  me). After your treatment Kai got much better almost immediately and now seems almost completely cured. He gets this condition periodically and  the only other remedy that has worked was a tea concocted from desert herbs in Baja Ca. that is impossible to get here. He's been able to  sleep well and was so happy today to be out walking in the forest.

Off tomorrow to reclaim my teenage fire.



Chestnut Ridge

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